Why Do Good Men Have Affairs?

When most people enter a committed relationship, they expect their partner to give up any thoughts of being with anyone else. Finding out a partner has been having an affair breaks the bond of trust in the relationship, and many women have wondered what they did wrong. The truth is that the majority of them have done nothing wrong, and it is the men in their lives who make decisions based on their individual needs.

A Sense of Power and Control

There are some men who fall haplessly into an affair, but many of them seek out illicit partners. They get a feeling of power and control over knowing they are cheating their partner. Emotionally, they may feel the need to strike out anonymously. Some of they believe they have achieved superiority by keeping a secret from their partner when they are with someone else. This does not mean their partner deserves to be betrayed, and it is often a sign of weakness that a man feels the need for this type of extra boost to his ego.

The Excitement of Danger

The world has become a tamer place over the centuries, and there are men who feel the need to experience danger as a way to gain sexual fulfilment. Finding a sexual partner outside their relationship gives them a well-earned sense that they are in a dangerous situation. It is a gamble, and they know that being found out by their partner may take away everything they’ve worked for throughout their life. It is the craving for an adrenaline rush that pushes them to experience sex with someone other than their trusted partner. They often find that it is a craving, and they will do whatever is necessary to satisfy it.

An Uncommitted Partner

There are men who are happy with their relationship, but they want to be with someone who will not remind them to take out the trash or pick up the kids. The element of danger is not part of their need, and they already feel in control of their world. They are seeking a neutral partner who will provide them with the satisfaction they need, and many of them are looking for professional ladies on free cam2cam sites. Discretion and privacy are all part of her service, and she won’t remind them of their household commitments.

Spicing Up Life with Variety

Some men cheat simply because they feel the need to experience as many women as possible. Some scientists point out this is a natural need, and monogamy is simply a modern societal concept. For the men who believe this, there are websites like Adult Cam Guide. They offer clients a variety of choices to find partners that will suit their needs.

There are many men who prefer monogamous relationships, and their partners will never find them with someone else. For those who choose to cheat, it is important to ensure they will not be caught. Choosing free adult webcams may be the best way to get the experiences they desire without paying the permanent consequences of their significant other discovering their wandering ways.